Roosters scare the death

one project realized thanks to TarlitoB2 Design, R.S. and One Love Tattoo

A good friend of ours Roman S., who is also a very loyal customer of One Love Tattoo, 

came up with this idea of ​​a custom-designed racing helmet for himself.

Roman decided to ask Tarlito if he could help him with the project.

He wanted a ROOSTERS, but aesthetically was open to

anything that Tarlito could design…

Everyone knows how dangerous racing is, the line between life and death is very thin,

and yet, Roman is right there in his comfort zone. 

Roosters scare the death” he said, that’s why he wanted this motive.

The final drawing was transferred and airbrushed on the helmet by one of the best Czech company in the industry called B2design

B2design care for details and high-quality production.

Their philosophy is: 

The creative inspiration is always the client, to whom we are

the mediator,

so that the final work carries his idea

We call it a successfull project. 

Feel free to contact us for similar projects at

Thank you all for the trust, we really appreciate it.